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Business: Atlas Health and Fitness Center

Business Name: Atlas Health and Fitness Center
Address: 57 Apocalypse Ave
Owner: Clint Barton
Type or services provided: Health and Fitness Center
Hours of Operation: all days of the week, 9:00 - 23:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: everyone, but please use the existing post if one has already been made by staff

Services offered:

The Atlas Health and Fitness Center is a new gym brought to Fandom to assist its residents in keeping fit through the winter months. A full service facility the fitness center is equipped with a state of the art weight training circuit along with stationary bikes, ellipsis machines, cross country ski machines, treadmills and free weights. There is an Olympic sized heated pool –sans squid-, racquet ball courts, a full sized basketball and volleyball court and some gymnastic equipment. The fitness center also boasts a completely equipped boxing corner, with a ring, bags and a dedicated trainer.

There are classes offered in step aerobics, kickboxing, tai chi, fitness yoga, aquatic aerobics, Ab labs, energized dualthlon, cardio boxing, total body strength and low impact aquatic tai chi. The dedicated staff of the Fitness center is always adding in new and unique classes so if there is something you specifically need, no doubt they can accommodate. (AKA if you need to mod a class for RP purposes, feel free to do so)

For after the workout the Fitness club has separate male and female steam rooms and saunas and there is a sports massage therapist on staff and available by appointment. These facilities can be found in the state of the art locker rooms. Lockers can be purchased for the day or with a six or twelve month membership fee.

Note: The fitness center is a multilevel facility. The lowest level consists of the swimming pool, sauna and lockers.

[ooc: All facilities, classes and NPC employees are moddable per standard Townie rules as they are NPCs and ultimately everything here is for our RPing pleasure. Enjoy!]

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