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Townie Application Information

Things you need to know before applying

- All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a decent grasp of the English language.

- Applications are open to both new and old players.

- All players can have a maximum of six on-island characters: townies, teachers, and students.

- We will accept a maximum of one new townie per player over a period of two months. This should give you some time to get a grip on the game without swamping yourself too much. (This doesn't apply to existing characters being moved to townie status - just brand-new characters.)

- Townies are required to appear at least once a week, and maintain their job or business by posting scheduled shifts.

- All townie characters must be at least 18 or the equivalent of adulthood for their species.

- All accepted townies go on probation for the first two months. After that time, if there's anyone who's disappeared or is being a major problem, we'll talk to them about it and possibly remove them. But it's hard to get to the removal stage.

- If you bring in a townie, the character will never be allowed to apply to be a student at the school. The whole point of townie characters is that they're adults for their species or type, and past school age.

- If you want your townie to become a teacher however, that's fine, as long as you make the request when teacher applications are open. You don't need to submit an application -- just notify the admins by e-mail that you're switching from townie to teacher, and follow up by submitting a class proposal in the post that goes up for existing teachers. (Please don't include the class proposal in your e-mail - we'd like to keep them all together in the relevant post.)

- If you want your teacher, alumni, or expatriate character to become a townie, you also don't need to submit an application. Just notify the admins by e-mail that you're moving that character to townie status, and let us know where they'll be working in town. (Teachers can only be moved to townie status between semesters, though -- no dropping the class they're teaching in the middle of a term!)

- Townies who become teachers can keep their job in town, but don't have to. Teachers can pick up a job in town in addition to their class. There's no problem with doing both, as long as you have the time to make the required posts.

- FH is a very active and fast paced game. While townie life tends to be a bit slower going, it will still suck up a lot of your time.

What you need to do to apply

- Fandom High accepts only canon characters (characters from an existing fictional source, be it book, comic, tv show, film, video game, etc.). The game also allows for only one version of each character (some exceptions may be made for canon clones, etc. if they're actually treated as a different person within the canon), so make sure that the character you want to apply with isn't already taken.

- Your character will have to support him/herself to live on the island. Check out [personal profile] ft_directory to see what businesses are already available in the game. You can either have them work for someone already in game (this needs to be discussed OOC with the players) or you can have them set up their own business. When setting up your own business, you can either take over/replace a NPC one or you can start something new. If you opt for the latter, please try to come up with something original that isn't on the island already. Either way, when you apply you must have your eye on some means to support your character.

- Read through the player handbook and the townie guide.

- Fill in the application form!

How do applications work?

- After you send in your form, you will receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive anything within the next day, something might have gone wrong. Please, try submitting the form again or contact the administration through email instead.

- The application process will most likely take around a week. You will receive an email from us stating whether or not your character was accepted.

- Accepted players will be asked to create the journal for their character and to accept invitations to the game communities.

- Once your new townie has been announced in [community profile] fandomhigh_ooc, you will be allowed to start playing in the game.

If none of this scared you off, then you're ready to go.

Application Form

When you fill this out please keep in mind that while the administration may know your fandom (or they may not), it is important that you show us that you know it. So while filling in the form, assume that you are explaining your character to someone who has never heard of the fandom before. Show us that you have a firm grasp of what your character is like, how you want to try to fit him/her/it into Fandom and what problems (if any) you foresee and how you will try to bypass those.

If you're interested in moving a current teacher/graduate/expatriate character to Townie status, the process is a lot simpler than for a brand new applicant, as mentioned earlier in this post. Head over here for the full run-down on all the ways to transfer from one character-type to another!

If you have any questions, please contact the administrators at fandomhighadmins at iambicnut dot com. Please label your email with the topic of your inquiry so that we can identify it.

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