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Stuff What Isn't Supposed To Be On Campus, School Security, and Getting In Trouble

For OOC concerns you should also be aware of, please see the policy on warning for sensitive issues - this policy only addresses the IC rules and how to deal with them.


There is an In-Character weapons ban on campus and in the dorms: all weapons that aren't somehow part of the character or otherwise approved as an exception via discussion with Principal Winchester must be stored in the campus Weapons Locker. They can be retrieved as needed for classes and clubs that involve weapons, during emergency situations, or to be taken off campus.

This rule is purely an in-character one; it's a rule of the school administration. If you want your character to break it, they can. Just be aware that they're breaking a rule and they know it -- and if they don't wish to be caught and punished for it, they should be discreet. There's no problem on an OOC level with your character hiding a weapon in his dorm room or never being without that security-blanket of a knife strapped to her shin. Just don't bring it up or show it off in a place where characters who might have/want to report it would be obliged to do so. I.e. Don't clean your phaser pistol in the common room; if you're cleaning it in your bedroom, don't do it with the door open, and please add an OOC note to the post asking that it not show up on the radio broadcast.

Violence between students falls under the same rules - officially, your character's in big trouble. Unofficially, keep it where it can't be seen/proven so they don't get in big trouble.

Drinking and Drugs - the In-Character policy

Alcohol and recreational drugs are also against the school rules for students to be engaging in on campus. Again, this is an IC rule, not an OOC one. If you wish to have your characters break it, be discreet. Don't drink openly in the common rooms; some wine at a birthday party will get ignored, but generally, keep it covered, keep it in a cup that can't be identified, don't build beer can towers. Don't keep it in the common room or kitchen refrigerators. If your character(s) are going to be drinking/smoking up/partying in their rooms or on the roof, stick an ooc note on the post mentioning that either the whole post, or whatever illicit activities are happening in it, are Not For Broadcast.

Security on Campus/In Dorms

There are security cameras at doors to the outside and other obvious points of danger, but not in the hallways, common areas, or students' rooms. (At one time, it was established that there were cameras everywhere throughout the school and dorms so nothing escaped the administration's notice, but this is no longer the case. Characters who were present when observation was a lot tighter are free to remember that; the cameras were simply taken out sometime between then and now.)

Bo Jones is the school security officer; she lives off-campus, but is reachable immediately in an emergency. (Bo's player, on the other hand, has to sleep and earn a living and such, so OOC communication in advance is your friend.)

Getting Caught

If you do wish your character to be caught and punished for breaking the rules, that's fine too! Heck, that's great and allows for a lot of fun interactions. Just be sure to arrange this OOCly with the player(s) of whoever's going to catch your character at it!

If you play a character who could catch someone out for mischief or misbehavior, you're welcome to initiate OOC contact as well, to ask if they'd like to get nabbed. The IC school admins will sometimes do this too, if we notice an opportunity.

Be aware, though, that for extreme violence or a weapons violation that also involves violence, the punishment is likely to be expulsion from the school unless there's a damned good reason for it - this is something you definitely want to set up in advance and check with the admins about before proceeding.

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