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Joining In: Character limits and types

Player Age Limit: All players must be age 18 and up due to occasionally violent and suggestive content.

Character Types: Student (attends classes), Teacher (teaches classes), Townie (runs or works at a business), and Alumni/Expatriate (former student, teacher, or townie now living off-island and appearing less often).

Total Characters Per Player

The maximum number of on-island characters a player may have at one time is 6.

Only 4 of those 6 may be students.

Expatriate and alumni characters, who live off-island, don't count towards the total of 6, unless they come back to the island as a townie or teacher.

Characters Per Fandom

There is currently no cap on how many characters from any given fandom may exist in the game as a whole, or how many of a single player's characters may come from the same fandom. If a problem arises with play becoming dominated by one or more fandoms, we may revisit the issue, but right now the field is open.

Characters per Application Period

Gamewide: Fandom High has no set limit on the total number of characters who will be accepted per application period.

Per player: Only 1 teacher and 1 student per player can be accepted during an open application period. (You can submit as many applications as you like, but only one of each type can be accepted.) Townie applications are always open, but once a townie character is accepted, the player needs to wait at least two months before applying for another. None of these limits apply to already-accepted characters being moved to a different status -- only to brand-new characters.

Playing multiple characters: Each of your characters should get the same basic amount of attention. If we notice you're neglecting one character for another to the point of not meeting activity requirements, you may be asked to make changes or drop a character, and applications for new characters may not be approved.

The Dark Side: Fandom High is very cautious about accepting applications from evil characters (bad, wrong, mean characters? Yes. Flat-out too hard to control evil? No. We had Darth Vader with restrictions. Use that as a measuring stick.) Many dark characters are workable, but we don't want to unleash too much crazy evil on the island at once. Too much evil causes headaches. We will be getting evil guest stars for plots, though, so if you'd like to play one, express your interest in auditioning for the role when it comes up!

[These reflect the polices as updated in October 2015.]

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