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Dropped Characters

Dropped characters are former characters who are not active alumni or expatriates. Their players have completely removed them from the game as regular characters, and their canon version (with no FH history) is once again available for applications from new players.

Re-applying a dropped character to become a regular character again, FH history intact

This is fine, as long as

a) the player wasn't asked to leave the game

b) there's no new version of that character in the game already (check the character directory)

c) the person applying is the original player of that version of the character (i.e. If you drop Zaphod Beeblebrox, anyone can apply to bring in a new Zaphod. Only you can bring back the Zaphod who attended Fandom High and dated Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield until That Incident With The Cinnamon-Raisin Bagels.)

To apply a dropped character for an on-island position as a teacher or townie, or to bring a dropped student back to continue their education: Applications for that type of character need to be open and a full application needs to be filled out, but it's fine to copy and paste from previous apps. Just make sure that there's new information where it applies to the new situation (like their job or what class they're teaching) and that the "where in canon are they coming from" section includes a mention that this is a former FH character, a description of what their situation was when they left the game, and what's changed since then.

To return a dropped alumni/expatriate character to that status: Just send the admin team an e-mail saying that you'd like to pick them up again. No application necessary. (Do include the journal name and fandom, though, so we can add those back to the directory and friending list.)

This applies to any characters who qualified for alumni status (graduated from FH) or expat status (were in the game for at least one year for townies or 2 semesters of school for teachers/students) even if they were on-island when you dropped them.

Bringing Back Dropped Characters For Plots and Events

Dropped characters will be eligible for a temporary return in any plot/event that is open to applying brand new guest characters (such as a convention or career fair), if the character fits the specific requirements of the event, and if there is not a current version of the character already in the game.

Dropped Characters as NPCs

Characters who've been established as a Parents Weekend/Graduation guest or plot NPC for a current character, then were apped as a full on-island character themselves, may return to that NPC status when dropped. (For example, Valentine Wiggin, former PW guest, then full-time student, is now an NPC for Ender.) Like other NPCs, these characters remain off-island except for PW/Graduation, etc. and the canon version is available for new players to bring into the game.

This also applies to characters that were apped as a PC from the beginning; when dropped, they may continue to exist as an NPC for any canonmates who came from the same timeline. (For example, former student Sky Tate remains an NPC for the Power Rangers: SPD alumni.) Like other NPCs, these characters remain off-island except for PW/Graduation, etc. and the canon version is available for new players to bring into the game.

Anything Else

Any other temporary appearance of a dropped character will need to a) be necessary for a specific plot and b) pre-approved as part of the plot proposal.


Last updated 9/2015

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