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Student and Teacher Application Information

The basics you need to know:

* You have to be at least 18 years old to apply.

* Student and teacher applications are only open during certain time periods. Check the "Applications and Forms" section of the Fandom High Index before applying, to find out if applications are currently open.

* All players can have a maximum of six on-island characters total, four of which may be students.

* We only accept one new student and one new teacher per player in each application session. You are welcome to send in as many applications as you like, but only one of each will be accepted. Feel free to specify which one you want to be your primary application. (This doesn't apply to existing characters moving to teacher status, only to brand-new-to-the-game characters.)

* Students are required to sign up for a minimum of two classes/workshops (when sign-ups are posted in the [community profile] fandomhigh_ooc community) and keep up with them by at least signing in to the weekly post for each class. (Hopefully you'll actually be roleplaying in the posts, though!)

* Teachers are required to teach at least one class/workshop per week, and be accessible to students when needed. This also applies for characters applying to teach an adult class at the Community Center, rather than one at the high school.

* Current townies, alumni, and expatriate characters are welcome to join the teaching staff when applications are open for new teachers; you do NOT need to submit an application for this. Simply send an e-mail to the admin team informing us of the change, and follow up by submitting a class proposal in the post that goes up for existing teachers to do so. This also applies for existing characters who'd like to teach an adult class at the Community Center, rather than one at the high school.

* If you would like to apply for a new character to teach an adult class at the Community Center, fill out the Character Application exactly as if you were applying for a teacher, but mark it "Townie" instead. Note in the Course Description that it would be an adult workshop, not a student workshop. Because of the need to keep track of the adult workshops being offered and start them at the same time, these applications will be processed on the same schedule as student/teacher applications.

* Current high school teachers can also apply to teach an adult workshop. If you would like to teach an adult workshop in addition to your high school class, just submit both in the class-proposal post that goes up for existing teachers. If you'd like to switch from teaching at the high school to only teaching an adult class, that's fine, but it means that you're switching your character to townie status, so please send an e-mail to the admin team letting us know, then follow up by submitting the adult class in the class-proposal post.

* See this post for more about character activity.

* All accepted characters go on probation for the first month. After that time, if there's anyone who's disappeared or is causing problems, we'll talk to them about it and possibly discuss removal from the game. It's very difficult to get to the removal stage.

* Improvisation. Fandom High is a balance between planning and improvisation. Some people plan plots, but a lot of the day-to-day stuff is purely improvisation where you throw a bunch of characters together and see what happens.

What's needed to apply:

* Fandom High accepts only canon characters, and only one version of each character (some exceptions may be made for canon clones, etc. if they're actually a different person), so make sure that the character you want to apply with isn't already here.

* Fill out the appropriate parts of the application form (link below).

* Be prepared to create a journal for your character that does not and will not contain entries from other games.

* Read through the information on the [community profile] fandomhigh profile page. It contains all the rules/guidelines you'll need and will answer a lot of questions.

* Time commitment. This game is a LOT of fun, but things do happen quickly and it does require checking in a couple of times a week and throwing your character into threads wherever you find one you want. (You don't need to read everything. [community profile] fandom_radio summarizes everything every day.)

* Language skills. We're very fond of those who can write in complete sentences and use basic spelling, punctuation and grammar. That being said, we don't expect perfection. This game is based on interaction and you're going to want people to be able to understand you or they won't want to interact with you.

Early applications:

The first week and a half of each student/teacher application period is "early application" time, if a player's application falls into one of the following categories:

a) Student applications where the player does not have a current student or only has a graduating student
b) Teacher applications where the player has not previously played a teacher
c) Applications from new players to the game

If an eligible application is submitted by the Early Applications Deadline (which we'll announce when we open applications), we'll review it early. If there are any major issues, we'll get back to the player several days before the final deadline, to give them a chance to make changes and re-submit their application.

What happens once you've applied:

Once your application has been received, we will send you an email to confirm that we got it. Applications will then be held until the application period is closed. (With the exception of the Early Application process described above.) We will sort through them and let you know whether your character has been accepted or not before the term starts.

Please note: if we receive two or more applications for the same character, we'll contact every person who applied for that character and ask them to send in a back-up in case they don't get their first pick. So have a second choice on hand!

Accepted players will then be asked to create the journal for their character, respond to the acceptance email and to accept invitations to the game communities. New students and teachers will be able to arrive on Fandom Island on the Saturday before classes begin. There will be a shuttle-to-the-island post for the new characters posted on Friday night (but set on Saturday morning), and then a Welcome Picnic which lasts all day Saturday and is open to on-island characters both old and new. The dates for these will be provided in your acceptance email.

Notes for Current Players Who Are Applying for New Characters:

* If you are planning on dropping a student or teacher at the end of the term, please let the admin team know via e-mail or in the Character Drop post, so we'll know not to count that character toward your limit when we're considering your application for a new one.

* Although the prospect of apping a new character on top of the ones you already have is shiny and delightful, please take into consideration whether you will be able to keep up with all of them!

Notes for New Players:

The application form is designed to get you to show how well you know your canon, character and have an idea of how you and your character will fit in here at Fandom High. Even if we do know your canon and character, we need to know that you them as well. Know what you're getting yourself into before applying. That said, we always delight in new players coming our way, so give it your best shot and we look forward to seeing your application!

For some tips on how to apply, check out this post.

Application Form (This is a GDdoc that you can paste into or attach to an e-mail.)

You only need to fill out the parts that are relevant to the type of character you are applying for (ie: if you're a student applicant, don't fill in the stuff marked 'Townies Only').

If you don't get a confirmation email from us within 24 hours, please email us.

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