Thursday, December 31st, 2037

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NOTE ABOUT FRIENDS FILTERS: Unfortunately, while Dreamwidth lets us use the admin console, they have no command for mass-assigning reading filter groups. So if you'd like your friends list sorted into students/teachers/townies/alumni/comm for easy reading of just one journal type, you'll have to do that manually after you've added all the journals, by using the Manage Subscription Filters page to create the groups and then sort your friends into them. This view of the Character Directory should help; it will display all characters sorted by group, then alphabetically by journal name.

Instructions for the Friending list:

1. Copy the list below the cut tag.

Master Friending list )

2. Go to the Dreamwidth Administration Console.

3. Paste.

4. Click Execute.

5 ...

6. PROFIT!!11!

No, seriously, that's it. All active journals will be added to your reading page (aka Friends Page) and be given access to your friendslocked posts. There's no limit on number of journals per day that can be added, unlike on Livejournal. (You'll see one error message related to your own journal name, saying that you can't grant access to yourself. Just ignore that; it won't affect the rest of the list.)

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If changes need to be made to the entry for a fictional business your character owns or works at, please drop a comment right to the entry page for that business, and we'll update it for you ASAP!

If your character is a new business owner, please use the New Business Form to give us your information, and we'll create an entry for the business.

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Fandom High is a not-for-profit text-based game/group writing exercise, featuring fictional characters and settings from a variety of creators, used without permission but for entertainment purposes only.