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The Ultimate Townie Guide

As the game has been growing, there have been a lot of changes in the way things work. That's why we thought it might be time to put everything together in a clear guide. It's a long read, but please take the time to read it through as it might clear things up.

About Fandom Town

1. History

Throughout the world there are legends of great cities that fell to the sea, never to be found again. Even now, fishermen who get lost in the mist claim to hear the church bells of the doomed cities calling. Never once do the legends tell you that the fishermen actually manage to find the city and so it would seem that it’s a figment of their imagination. Maybe they simply don’t have a reason to actually find the city.

Fandom is one of those cities that was lost to humanity, but it didn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean. It simply disappeared to those who aren’t looking for it. Caught between realities, it is a gateway, a safe haven for those in need. For others, it’s just a place to go to high school.

2. Looks

Fandom town outwardly looks like the Mont Saint Michel. When you take a closer look at the map however, you’ll notice that it is bigger than that. Still, the principle stands. Fandom is an island; its only connection to the mainland is the causeway which is a solid landstrip with a road on it. This means that it is impossible to sail a boat completely around the island.

The town map is our point of reference to make sure that everyone has a basic idea of what town looks like. So please, make good use of it.

3. Workings of town

While we have only so many townies, Fandom is an active and booming little town. There are NPC inhabitants walking around who keep our businesses going. The town is also provided with all things that a town might need to keep going (like the bank, the post office and the Clinic ([community profile] fandom_clinic).

It also has its own town hall, where the mayor of Fandom, Tamsin ([personal profile] fjordicswagger), opens her office doors for her people. For certain definitions of open that may involve you having to kick down said doors with steel-toed boots, but anyway. Open. Yes.

The security in town is in the hands of the town sheriff (for as long as we can keep one around) and a squad of clone troopers ([personal profile] fandomtroopers).


1. PC Businesses

These businesses are owned by players who decide how the posting to their business works. You can find a complete list of all stores in Fandom in the directory. If you wish to use a PC business when there is not a post available for that business, contact the business owner.

2. NPC Businesses

There are businesses that no one really owns. Anyone can post to it. These can also be found in the directory. For the sake of space and mapping, we can't allow people to make up random on-island businesses as-needed; if you post to a store that is not listed in the directory, we will ask you to remove the post or edit it to say that the store is off-island. If you think that we're missing a type of store that you really want to see in game, though, then feel free to contact the administration with your suggestion; we're always open to new ideas. It helps if the business brings something new to the island that can be used by a lot of other people.

3. Stuff for Sale

Used to be our monthly theme store - then it got squished! Now the Fandom Community Center lives there.

The directory

The Fandom Town Directory ([personal profile] ft_directory) is an IC and OOC directory of everything that you can find in town. It lists all residents (townies and teachers living in town) and businesses. If something isn't listed there, that means it doesn't exist. (Or that the administration hasn't been able to update yet in which case you should poke them.)

The list of businesses is probably the most important part as it allows you to see what a store is offering and tells you if you have to wait for the owner to post to it or if you can put up a post yourself.

It is very important that the directory is kept up to date so everyone knows who lives where and what businesses are running. All new business owners are requested to send in a business form as soon as possible upon joining. The admins will add a page to the directory for it with your information! If there are any later changes in employees, hours, etc., just comment directly on that page (comments are screened) and we'll update the entry.

Posting to the community

When you post to townies, please keep the following things in mind:

1. Always make it clear in the subject where you are and when you are there. Example: The Perk, Sunday Afternoon.

2. If you're posting to a location, make sure that you're being consistent with the townie map.

3. If you're posting to a business and you're not sure how it works, check out the directory. Here you will find the opening hours of the business and whether it is PC owned, NPC-owned but has regular PC employees, or fully NPC (anyone can make posts there). If it is a PC or NPC-owned business, you can check the directory to find out if you're allowed to make posts for yourself or not. If you are not allowed, there will be details of who to contact about using that business.

4. Don't forget to add the proper tag to your post. If you don't know the right tag, there is a complete list here. If the tag for your business (or character) doesn't yet appear there, go ahead and make the post, then drop a line to the admin address (fandomhighadmins at iambicnut dot com) to let us know, with a link to your post. We'll add the tag and tag that post for you, and from then on, you should be able to use it yourself!

If you keep all that in mind, you should be all right and no one will need to to ask you to change things.

Violence in town

IC violence in town

1. The police force consists of the Sheriff (when we have one), a squad of NPC clone troopers, and any PC staff of the police station. Serious fights on the streets or other public places will get caught -- serious being defined as any fight that leads to major injuries, destruction of public property or involve weaponry. You want to get down and dirty with guns or swords, do it in private or outside in the preserve.

2. There's no weapons ban. Your character can walk around with guns or knives or whatever. It's when you start waving them around that you'll get someone breathing down your neck.

OOC about violence in town

1. If you plan on having any sort of fight that would prompt the law stepping in, run it past the admins well in advance. Fisticuffs and the occasional Vampire snacking on an NPC in a dark, secluded area need not apply. (But check the Guidelines on Sensitive Issues for things that you should warn for OOCly.)

2. All OOC rules for other areas of the game apply here too. Don't attack another player's character unless you have permission. Use your common sense and you'll be just fine.

3. Violence is not banned in game, neither are weapons. It's there and we're all in favour of getting some action. It's just important that we keep it under control.

Useful links

Most of these links you can find if you just browse to the [community profile] fandomtownies itself, but you have them all here again for your convenience;

Fandom High Handbook
Fandom Town Map
List of tags
Fandom Town Businesses
911-FIST (Fandom 911)


If you have a question about townies, or there is something you need to know that isn't covered in this guide, you are more than welcome to contact the admins via fandomhighadmins at iambicnut dot com.