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NOTE ABOUT FRIENDS FILTERS: Unfortunately, while Dreamwidth lets us use the admin console, they have no command for mass-assigning reading filter groups. So if you'd like your friends list sorted into students/teachers/townies/alumni/comm for easy reading of just one journal type, you'll have to do that manually after you've added all the journals, by using the Manage Subscription Filters page to create the groups and then sort your friends into them. This view of the Character Directory should help; it will display all characters sorted by group, then alphabetically by journal name.

Instructions for the Friending list:

1. Copy the list below the cut tag.

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2. Go to the Dreamwidth Administration Console.

3. Paste.

4. Click Execute.

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6. PROFIT!!11!

No, seriously, that's it. All active journals will be added to your reading page (aka Friends Page) and be given access to your friendslocked posts. There's no limit on number of journals per day that can be added, unlike on Livejournal. (You'll see one error message related to your own journal name, saying that you can't grant access to yourself. Just ignore that; it won't affect the rest of the list.)
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As the game has been growing, there have been a lot of changes in the way things work. That's why we thought it might be time to put everything together in a clear guide. It's a long read, but please take the time to read it through as it might clear things up.

About Fandom Town )
Businesses )
The directory )
Posting to the community )
Violence in town )
Useful links )
Contact )
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The Fandomites' last morning in Vail dawned cool and clear, the resort warm enough to get by with a light jacket, the slopes above frosty and crisp.

The portal back to Fandom would arrive after lunch, so now was time for packing, last-minute souvenir-shopping, or one final lift up the mountain to the wonderful land of snow-sports.

Or alternatively, freaking the heck out in your hotel room because Fandom knows no boundaries of distance or decency when it comes to attacking its current and former residents in their sleep to leave ladybits where manbits used to be, and manbits where... you get the picture.

So might the maid, if you forgot to leave the Do Not Disturb sign out.

[ OCD is up! | Hotel Rooms | Centre V | Tavern on the Square | RockResorts Spa | Other Activities at the Arrabelle | Skiing and Snowboarding | Snow Tubing | Snow-Shoeing | Shopping | Outside Dining | OOC]

Town Hall Voicemail

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 02:46 pm
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You've reached the voicemail of Fandom's Town Hall. Any concerns and town matters which can not be discussed on Monday's can be brought up here.


Classified Ads

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 01:29 pm
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In order to increase communication in Fandom Town, someone at town hall came up with the idea of a free classified ads paper. All Fandom citizens are free to use its services to find housemates, seek employment/employees, promote their businesses or just look for a date.

[[All ads with the exception of the singles should have a link for people to respond to as to not clutter this post. For singles, you are allowed to post your reaction in the post itself as these ads could possibly be anonymous.

Example: Blood Gulch Arms is seeking students to wrap gifts during the holiday season. You will be underpaid and work long hours. Interested? Call 555-TREX.]]
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Welcome to the Business Directory, which is here to give players a better insight into what the town has to offer.

New business owners, please fill out the following form and leave it in a (screened) comment to this post:

Business Name:
Phone [please include a voice mail url]:
Type or services provided:
Days/Hours of Operation:
Posts can (only) be made by:

(On that last one, your options are owner, owner and employees, or "anybody as long as there's not already a post up.")

Existing business owners, any time you have a change to this information (new hours, new employees, change of ownership, etc.) please leave that info in a comment to the already-existing entry for your business, and we'll update it ASAP!
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Fandom High works on a 'no canon-puncturing' principle, with limited exceptions. Unless you fall into one of those exceptions, no character is going to recognize your character as someone who's fictional in their world. Clicking to Read More is FUNdamental! )
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(Note: this post is about handling sensitive subjects on an OOC level. Please check out our post on the school's in-character rules and security for how to keep your student characters out of trouble -- or get them into it -- for drugs/alcohol/weapons/violence issues.)

Cut for... talking about cut-tags. )
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For OOC concerns you should also be aware of, please see the policy on warning for sensitive issues - this policy only addresses the IC rules and how to deal with them.

Cut for shenanigans. )
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So you'd like to change character-status... )

Revised as of October 2015. The previous policy, no longer in force, is here, for reference only.

Dropped Characters

Saturday, November 8th, 2008 01:01 am
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Dropped characters are former characters who are not active alumni or expatriates. Their players have completely removed them from the game as regular characters, and their canon version (with no FH history) is once again available for applications from new players.

What You Can Do With Dropped Characters )

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This policy has been vastly revised and is no longer accurate as of October 2015. It's here only for posterity, if players would like to check out the previous setup. The current policy is here.

So you'd like to change character-status... )
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Business Name: The Android's Dungeon
Address: 99 Jones Parkway
Owner: NPC
Type or services provided: Cards, games, and comics
Days/Hours of Operation: All days of the week, 9 to 6 (Open late for special events)
Posts can (only) be made by: Anyone
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Business Name: The Arms Hotel
Address: 52 Thunderbird Lane
Owner: Mary Connell
Phone: 555-ARMS
Type or services provided: Rooms for rent by the night. Weekly and monthly rates are also available. Room service provided 24 hours a day to guests, while local residents can get take-out during lobby business hours. There are also two ballrooms available for special events.
Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 6 PM
Employees: Mary Connell
Posts can (only) be made by: Hotel employees
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Business Name: Atlas Health and Fitness Center
Address: 57 Apocalypse Ave
Owner: Clint Barton
Type or services provided: Health and Fitness Center
Hours of Operation: all days of the week, 9:00 - 23:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: everyone, but please use the existing post if one has already been made by staff

Services offered )

Business: Book Haven

Saturday, March 25th, 2006 09:29 am
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Business Name: Book Haven
Address: 10 Minotaur Lane
Owner: NPC
Type or services provided: Books. All genres from any world.
Hours of Operation: M-F 10 to 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 10-2PM or by arrangement
Employees: Rufus Shinra, Alana
Posts can (only) be made by: Employees!
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Business Name: Café Fina
Address: 56 Chimera Court
Owner: NPC
Type or services provided: Casual-yet-upscale dining, along with wonderful desserts, specialty coffee and tea, and the finest wines.
Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat, 11:00 AM to midnight. Closed Sundays.
Employees: NPC singing, dancing dinnerware.
Posts can (only) be made by: Anyone.

Business: Caritas

Friday, March 24th, 2006 11:14 pm
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Business Name: Caritas
Address: 51 Apocalypse Ave.
Owner: Chuck Bass (NPC-ily)
Manager: Kitty Pryde
Type or services provided: Drinks, karaoke, entertainment
Hours of Operation: Sun-Sat 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Employees: Kitty Pryde, Kenzi, Cara, Mike Lane, Atton Rand, Tino (NPC), The Zombie
Band (NPC)
Posts can (only) be made by: All Employees (or substitute employees)
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Business Name: Chilly Boulder Ice Creamery
Address: 12 Minotaur Lane
Owner: NPC owner
Type or services provided: ice cream shop/juicebar/smoothie bar
Hours of Operation: all days of the week, 11:00 - 23:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: everyone
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Business Name: Ching Tai
Address: 3 Black Swan Drive
Owner: NPC owner
Type or services provided: Chinese Restaurant
Hours of Operation: All week, 12:00 - 24:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: anyone.
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Business Name: Covent Garden Flowers
Address: 35 Mallard Way
Owner: Peter Octavian
Type or services provided: Flower shop and delivery
Hours of Operation: TBD for the shop, but delivery orders made every every weekday morning, as needed.
Employees: Nathan Algren, Shiemi Moriyama
Posts can (only) be made by: employees
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Business Name: Coyote Medicine
Address: 55 Minotaur Lane
Owner: Annja Creed
Type or services provided: Traditional native tourist crap paraphernalia, Medicine Man services, and sweat lodge
Days/Hours of Operation: Every day
Employees: tba
Posts can (only) be made by: Owner/staff
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Business Name: Demon Marcus
Address: 47 Minotaur Lane
Owner: Sparkle (Manager)
Type or services provided: Clothing store, covering the range from classic to trendy to upscale. Both genders, all species. Stylish clothes, accessories, seasonal wear and of course formalwear for special occasions. Unusual body types and shapes welcomed. Poor fashion sense mocked mercilessly.
Hours of Operation: 11 am - 9 pm, all week.
Employees: Sparkle (Sunday), Alluka Zoldyck (Monday), Ada Miller (Thursday)
Posts can (only) be made by: Employees, unless permission has been given otherwise.
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Business Name: The Devil's Nest
Address: 7 Black Swan Drive
Owner: Eric Northman
Phone: 555-NEST
Type or services provided: Night Club
Hours of Operation: All evenings, 22:00 - 6:00
Employees: Bo Jones, Derek Hale, Allie Sekemoto, Verity Price, Tiny (NPC).
Posts can (only) be made by: Owner, Employees
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Business Name: Diamond in the Rough
Address: 94 Serendipity Place
Owner: NPC
Type or services provided: Jewelry Store
Days/Hours of Operation: All days of the week, 9:00 to 21:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: Everybody
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Business Name: Dite's Decadent Delights
Address: 31 Mallard Way
Owner: NPC
Phone: n/a
Type of services provided: Items for all your romantic and *ahem* libidinous needs. Items, not services.
Days/Hours of Operation: when posted
Employees: Kathy Li (manager)
Posts can (only) be made by: Employees
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Business Name: El Burrito Loco
Address: 102 Jones Parkway
Owner: NPC owner
Type or services provided: Mexican dining
Hours of Operation: all days of the week, 11:00 - 23:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: everyone
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Business Name: Fandom Fish 'n Bait
Address: 69 Serendipity
Owner: [npc]
Type or services provided: Fish, bait, fishing supplies, and aquarium needs.
Days/Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 9a-6p
Posts can (only) be made by: n/a
ft_directory: (Default)
Business Name: Fandom Island Counseling Services and Psychiatry
Address: 22A Phoenix Place (22.5? 22 1/2?)
Owner: Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Phone: Here
Type of services provided: Psychiatry, counseling, medication
Days/Hours of Operation: By appointment
Employees: None, yet!
Posts can be made by: Hannibal, employees
ft_directory: (Fandom High!)
Business Name: Fandom Post Office
Address: 42 Black Swan Drive
Owner: NPC
Phone: 555-FTPO
Type or services provided: Postal Services to anywhere/anywhen, and associated products.
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5, Sat 9-12
Employees: Éponine Thénardier (Mon-Sat handwavily with business post on Tuesday)
Posts can (only) be made by: Business posts by employees; others can post if needed on days when no business posts are available, with clearance.
ft_directory: (Fandom High!)
Business Name: Fandom Town Emergency Clinic
Address: 40 Apocalypse Ave
Owner: The Town really.
Phone: 555-FTEC
Type or services provided: Medical Aid
Hours of Operation: 7 days a week. Two shifts a day (day and night)
Employees: Stark, NPC Nurses
Posts can (only) be made by: Clinic staff.
How far would you go to convince the new mayor to keep your business open: Bribes with booze, porn, and money?
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Business Name: Fandom Town Firehouse
Address: 87 Galactica Drive
Owner: NPC/The Town
Type or services provided: Cooling you down when you're smoulderin' hot.
Days/Hours of Operation: 24/7.
Employees: NPC
ft_directory: (Fandom High!)
Business Name: Fandom Troopers Station
Address: 48 Unicorn St.
Owner: NPC
- Troopers: 911-FIST
Type or services provided: protection, fighting crime, following orders 66
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Employees: Liam Kincaid, Fandom Troopers (NPC)
Posts can (only) be made by: Employees
ft_directory: (Fandom High!)
Business Name: Fantasy Costco (AKA Things Reborn)
Address: 65 Serendipity Place
Owner: Taako Tacco
Phone: 555-FTSY
Type or services provided: One stop shop for all things needed for an adventure!
Days/Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week, 10 am-7pm
Employees: Just Taako so far (who will post on Tuesdays and Saturdays)
Posts can (only) be made by: Owner/Employees
ft_directory: (Default)
Business Name: Fast Eddie's Bowling Alley and Arcade
Address: 19 Black Swan Drive
Owner: NPC (Eddie Felton)
Phone: 555-FAST
Type or services provided: bowling lanes, video arcade, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
Hours of Operation: intermittant (at the moment, sadly, very intermittant)
Employees: NPCs
Posts can (only) be made by: anyone
ft_directory: (Default)
Business Name: First National Bank of Fandom Town
Address: 46 Unicorn Street
Owner: NPC
Type or services provided: Bank/Credit union
Hours of Operation: Mo-Sa, 9:00 - 18:00
Employees: NPC
Posts can (only) be made by: anyone
ft_directory: (Fandom High!)
Business Name: Furnado Animal Shelter
Address: 64 Serendipity Place
Owner: Zack Fair
Type or services provided: Pet shelter
Days/Hours of Operation: All days of the week, 9:00 to 21:00
Employees: tbd
Posts can (only) be made by: Staff
Notes: Formerly 'Everything But the Monkey'.

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