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Regular Class Expectations for Teachers and Students

The following class guidelines are intended to help classes be run in a fashion that is fun for both teacher and student, and also to ensure that classes don't take up all of a student's playing time. As an out of character tool, classes are intended to keep track of a character's activity in the game to avoid people holding onto characters that they don't play at all and to provide a chance for a structued activity to encourage player interaction. As an in character tool, they are intended to keep the students entertained, the teachers employed and give everyone something to do other than emoing on the roof.

Expectations for Teachers

Teachers are expected to post their class once a week on their allocated day on the weekly class schedule. The class must be posted by 12pm PST (3pm EST). Teachers can post their class the night before if their availability will make posting in the morning difficult.

Teachers are required to provide your students with one class every week with comment threads that that allows them to sign their name (so the players can prove their presence in the game -- teachers should inform the OOC administration team if someone has missed more than 3 classes) and, if they choose to, participate in at least one discussion or activity. All IC class threads can be handwaved by the student if they want, but the option should be there for those who want to play it out. (Please see this post for general character activity requirements.)

Teachers are required to continue their class for the entire term and should plan to have 15 class sessions including a final to fill that term.

Teachers are allowed to have up to 2 teacher aides, but it's not compulsory. A teacher aide is a student who assists with in character paperwork, can be approached by other students and can cover classes on occasion if the teacher is unable to be present. Out of character, your teacher aide is your back-up to post your class in the event that you are unable to be at the computer.

Teachers are allowed to give detention to students. Please arrange this OOCly with the student's player first. Other punishments are available through the administration if detention isn't plausible for OOC reasons.

Teachers are expected to provide student-teacher interaction in your classes when possible. It's not mandatory, but teachers are also encouraged to post office hours (in the character's journal) to allow students to see the teachers out of the class environment, but it's not mandatory. Office numbers are here and the school map is here.

NOTE: Classes should not take a lot of time to prepare once you get the hang of it. We don't want class to suck up everyone's playing time. You don't need to spend time writing up a huge lecture. Linking to Wikipedia is fine. The key to classes is setting up a scenario where the teacher and the students can interact and have fun. You are not expected to do a lot of work, so please don't expect your students to do a lot of work. It's a game and we're all here to have fun.

Expectations for Students

Students are expected to enroll in and attend at least 2 classes but no more than 4 classes per term.

Additionally, there's a maximum of 8 student classes per player. So if you have 4 students, they can have 2 classes each. If you have fewer than 4 students, you can divide up the classes as you like, keeping in mind the previous paragraph.

Students are expected to at least sign in to each class. Participation beyond that is optional, but encouraged. (Please see this post for general character activity requirements.)

Students should inform their teachers if they are going to be absent. This applies to both OOC and IC (ie: if you know OOCly that you're going away from the class but the character doesn't know yet, let the teacher's player know).

Students can get detention for doing something wrong, not attending a class regularly or not completing homework consistently. If you - the player - are unable to participate in detention, please let your teacher know OOCly so a different punishment can be arranged. Punishments are meant to be an IC consequence of actions, not a punishment on the player. Even detention is arranged to be fun for players.

NOTE: Class shouldn't take up all of your time. If you have to, just sign in and handwave any work, but please do try to keep up with your classes as they are the bare minimum required to remain in the game. Your teachers go to the trouble of preparing them for you, so if you can participate, jump on in and have a bit of fun. You are not expected to do a lot of work. It's a game and we're all here to have fun.