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Activity Requirements / Basic Character Expectations

Activity Requirements

* Alumni and expatriate characters have no specific activity requirement, as long as they're living off-island. (Though if you truly don't feel like playing them anymore, please let us know so that we can mark the character as open for others to apply a new version.) There will be an annual OOC check-in post to let us know whether you still consider the character active.

* Townies must have a job (this can be your own business or a job at someone else's) and need to appear in character somewhere at least once a month. Business owners, in addition to their townie appearance requirements, need to make sure their business is posted by somebody at least once a week. (A individual townie doesn't necessarily need to post to their job every week, but work with the owner's player to make sure that the business is covered; don't turn deadbeat employee on them!)

* Teachers must post classes once a week, or in the case of availability issues, have a TA or another teacher post class for them. We'd prefer that each class post contain a thread where the teacher character is available for interaction, but an occasional class without teacher interaction is okay, provided you make sure there's still threads available for the students to interact with each other. Teacher characters need to appear somewhere for in-character interaction (in class or elsewhere) at least once a month.

*Students must at least sign-in to their classes. Participation in the In-Character threads isn't mandatory, but it's strongly encouraged. Student characters need to appear in character somewhere for in-character interaction (in class or elsewhere) at least once a month.

What we're going for here is that all on-island characters are required to appear in-character at least once a month. Then each character type also has a requirement that's specific to them: work at or manage a business, teach a class, or attend a class. You can choose to do both at once (sign into class and also participate there) or separately (sign into class, spend the night drinking at Caritas).

We love it when people have the time and energy to participate beyond that, of course; those are just the requirements to still be considered an active character.

Characterization: Play the character you applied for. Don't add further mystical powers/amazing gadets afterwards without permission from the admins. Character development is great and can be based in canon or the effect that Fandom High has had on the character, but please use common sense. In short terms? Don't turn your character into a Mary Sue or an Original Character of any kind. You're playing a character from a fandom. Go with that. Develop on it, but don't make them unrecognizable.

Launchpad: If you would like to test out a character in a Fandom High setting before sending in an application for them, check out fh_launchpad. It's a testing ground for characters where you can play them for 2 weeks and get a feel for them before deciding to apply.

[Note: This post reflects the requirements as updated in October 2015.]