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Contacting Your Admins!

Ways to Get a Message to Us

1. E-mail fandomhighadmins at iambicnut dot com - this is always going to be the most reliable method, and best for complex questions and issues.

2. Use the Admin Team Contact Post. The drawback there is that comments are (and will remain) screened, so if you comment anonymously, you won't have a copy of your message unless you save it elsewhere before commenting.

3. If you need to inform us of a sensitive issue that you feel should be sent anonymously, you can, as mentioned above, do so from the screened Admin Team Contact Post. Anon commenting is allowed and IP logging is turned off. Direct replies are impossible unless you include an anonymous e-mail address where we can contact you, but we'll always read such e-mails and take them into consideration.

4. Speak to one of the admins, either by IM or their individual e-mail. This is fine, keeping in mind that sometimes an immediate answer just isn't possible, and we may have to consult the other admins or ask that you send an e-mail to the whole team describing the situation more fully. This option is best for very simple situations (do I understand this correctly, does this thing I want to do fall under the rules, can I have posting access to that comm for this character), or asking if a particular problem/question is an Admin Thing or something it's fine to handle yourself.

If you do contact one of us individually with an admin question, please let us know that you're asking us as an admin, not just a friend/fellow player. We want you to be able to trust that a conversation between friends/players will be kept on that level.

What Can You Ask?

Anything you have a question about. We might have a direct, easy answer ready, we might have to talk about it first, or the answer might be "This isn't an admin issue (yet), you need to talk to the other player involved" or simply, "Fly and be free, you don't need to check with us for stuff like that," but it's absolutely fine to contact us and ask about any concern or idea you have for the game.

How Long Will It Take Us To Reply?

Please understand that while we want to get information and decisions to you as soon as possible, what looks simple might not be. Sometimes coming up with the best answer is going to take a while, and we can't always predict how long that'll be. This is especially true if it's complex or enters an area where we don't yet have a firm policy. We'll try hard to keep lines of communication open and if it's taking a while, let you know that we're still discussing it, but it's also fine to contact us again and ask where we are on your question.