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Fandom High PB Usage and Gallery!

PB: not just for jelly anymore! In RPG terms, it also stands for "played by" -- the actor or other real person whose face is representing your character in those pretty little squares of icony goodness.

TV and movie characters come with ready-made PBs. If, however, your character comes from some other medium (books, comics, animated series) then you may want to choose a famous (or not so famous) face that matches up with existing art, or with your mental image of the character. If visual images of your character exist in any kind of media, you don't have to pick a PB -- art and animation stills are just as good as a photograph at representing what your character looks like -- but you're welcome to.

Aside from your main Fandom High characters (player-characters or "PCs"), PBs are also used for non-player-characters, aka "NPCs" (enemies, friends, family, potential children), and other versions of your character during various plots (child, genderswapped, forty years older... you name it, we've done it).

Because Fandom High has a lot of characters and a long history, duplications of PBs are an infrequent but fairly well-known occurrence. Sometimes it's a matter of the same face being chosen to represent two different literary characters, and sometimes there are characters running around the island who were played by the same actor at different times. The Fandom Doppelganger Effect is something most characters who've been around awhile are aware of, and most new characters find out about pretty quickly when a random twin shows up or they mistake the new bartender for their roommate or their Uncle Joe. Go go wacky mistaken identity hijinks!

However, since not everyone wants to play with wacky mistaken identity hijinks, or maybe they do but they'd like a little warning beforehand, what we'd like you to do when picking out a PB for your character -- including NPCs, kids, genderswap, etc. -- is this:

If you know there's already a player-character at FH with that as their regular PB, please drop a line to the other player giving them a heads up that you're planning to use it too. (Or planning to bring in another character played by the same actor.)

You don't need their permission to do so, but if they request that wacky twin shenanigans be kept to a minimum, please work with them in figuring out how to make that happen, so everybody can keep having fun. (All this can be done from a character-based e-mail if you're trying to be all sneaky about who's playing that familiar-looking new kid.)

PB Gallery!

Accidents will happen, and nobody's going to get in trouble if they didn't realize a PB was already in use, but this post was created to help us all out with getting to know the names behind the faces. It's not required, but it's helpful to others and increases the chance of you getting a heads-up if your character is about to get a twin!

In the comments below, feel free to ping in with an FH character journal and list the main PB for that character. You can also follow that up in the same comment with the PBs for any NPCs, wee kids, other-gender-versions, and so on; people aren't required to give you a heads-up about using those, but they might want to!

Using the handy copy-paste format below, put the name of the main FH character in the subject line of your comment, and put all PB descriptions related to that character in the same comment, so we can scroll through to see the pretty faces without having to un-collapse any threads.

Please don't reply to any of the comments, so that the original poster can edit them later if they have additions or changes.

See the first comment to this post for how it's done!

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