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ft_directory ([personal profile] ft_directory) wrote2010-10-17 03:30 am

Vail Ski Resort | Sunday Morning, 10/17

The Fandomites' last morning in Vail dawned cool and clear, the resort warm enough to get by with a light jacket, the slopes above frosty and crisp.

The portal back to Fandom would arrive after lunch, so now was time for packing, last-minute souvenir-shopping, or one final lift up the mountain to the wonderful land of snow-sports.

Or alternatively, freaking the heck out in your hotel room because Fandom knows no boundaries of distance or decency when it comes to attacking its current and former residents in their sleep to leave ladybits where manbits used to be, and manbits where... you get the picture.

So might the maid, if you forgot to leave the Do Not Disturb sign out.

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