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2037-12-31 10:04 am
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Master Friending List, the Dreamwidth Edition!

NOTE ABOUT FRIENDS FILTERS: Unfortunately, while Dreamwidth lets us use the admin console, they have no command for mass-assigning reading filter groups. So if you'd like your friends list sorted into students/teachers/townies/alumni/comm for easy reading of just one journal type, you'll have to do that manually after you've added all the journals, by using the Manage Subscription Filters page to create the groups and then sort your friends into them. This view of the Character Directory should help; it will display all characters sorted by group, then alphabetically by journal name.

Instructions for the Friending list:

1. Copy the list below the cut tag.

Master Friending list )

2. Go to the Dreamwidth Administration Console.

3. Paste.

4. Click Execute.

5 ...

6. PROFIT!!11!

No, seriously, that's it. All active journals will be added to your reading page (aka Friends Page) and be given access to your friendslocked posts. There's no limit on number of journals per day that can be added, unlike on Livejournal. (You'll see one error message related to your own journal name, saying that you can't grant access to yourself. Just ignore that; it won't affect the rest of the list.)
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2011-03-16 11:00 pm

The Ultimate Townie Guide

As the game has been growing, there have been a lot of changes in the way things work. That's why we thought it might be time to put everything together in a clear guide. It's a long read, but please take the time to read it through as it might clear things up.

About Fandom Town )
Businesses )
The directory )
Posting to the community )
Violence in town )
Useful links )
Contact )
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2010-10-17 03:30 am

Vail Ski Resort | Sunday Morning, 10/17

The Fandomites' last morning in Vail dawned cool and clear, the resort warm enough to get by with a light jacket, the slopes above frosty and crisp.

The portal back to Fandom would arrive after lunch, so now was time for packing, last-minute souvenir-shopping, or one final lift up the mountain to the wonderful land of snow-sports.

Or alternatively, freaking the heck out in your hotel room because Fandom knows no boundaries of distance or decency when it comes to attacking its current and former residents in their sleep to leave ladybits where manbits used to be, and manbits where... you get the picture.

So might the maid, if you forgot to leave the Do Not Disturb sign out.

[ OCD is up! | Hotel Rooms | Centre V | Tavern on the Square | RockResorts Spa | Other Activities at the Arrabelle | Skiing and Snowboarding | Snow Tubing | Snow-Shoeing | Shopping | Outside Dining | OOC]
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2010-08-25 02:46 pm
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Town Hall Voicemail

You've reached the voicemail of Fandom's Town Hall. Any concerns and town matters which can not be discussed on Monday's can be brought up here.

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2010-08-25 01:29 pm

Classified Ads

In order to increase communication in Fandom Town, someone at town hall came up with the idea of a free classified ads paper. All Fandom citizens are free to use its services to find housemates, seek employment/employees, promote their businesses or just look for a date.

[[All ads with the exception of the singles should have a link for people to respond to as to not clutter this post. For singles, you are allowed to post your reaction in the post itself as these ads could possibly be anonymous.

Example: Blood Gulch Arms is seeking students to wrap gifts during the holiday season. You will be underpaid and work long hours. Interested? Call 555-TREX.]]
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2010-08-24 04:14 pm

Business Directory forms

Welcome to the Business Directory, which is here to give players a better insight into what the town has to offer.

New business owners, please fill out the following form and leave it in a (screened) comment to this post:

Business Name:
Phone [please include a voice mail url]:
Type or services provided:
Days/Hours of Operation:
Posts can (only) be made by:

(On that last one, your options are owner, owner and employees, or "anybody as long as there's not already a post up.")

Existing business owners, any time you have a change to this information (new hours, new employees, change of ownership, etc.) please leave that info in a comment to the already-existing entry for your business, and we'll update it ASAP!
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2008-12-08 10:54 am
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Meta: Fictional Characters and the 4th Wall

Fandom High works on a 'no canon-puncturing' principle, with limited exceptions. Unless you fall into one of those exceptions, no character is going to recognize your character as someone who's fictional in their world. Clicking to Read More is FUNdamental! )
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2008-11-08 05:15 am
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Guidelines For Posting On Sensitive Issues

(Note: this post is about handling sensitive subjects on an OOC level. Please check out our post on the school's in-character rules and security for how to keep your student characters out of trouble -- or get them into it -- for drugs/alcohol/weapons/violence issues.)

Cut for... talking about cut-tags. )
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2008-11-08 05:03 am
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Stuff What Isn't Supposed To Be On Campus, School Security, and Getting In Trouble

For OOC concerns you should also be aware of, please see the policy on warning for sensitive issues - this policy only addresses the IC rules and how to deal with them.

Cut for shenanigans. )
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2008-11-08 01:20 am
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Transferring from One Character-Type to Another (Including Alum/Expat )

So you'd like to change character-status... )

Revised as of October 2015. The previous policy, no longer in force, is here, for reference only.